friend.tech functions are not live yet.

Why is Arena Deathmatch using friend.tech?

Arena Deathmatch will leverage friend.tech to boost the ADM prize pools.

Friend.tech Airdrop Pool prizes.

  1. Revenue from our Arena key trading activity will be used to boost ADM pool prizes.

  2. A portion of the team's revenue allocation will be used to buy the top FT key holders.

  3. FT points earned will be shared with key holders and used to fund a mega pool prize when friend.tech distributes their airdrop.

Why buy an Arena Deathmatch friend.tech key?

Pool Prize Revenue Share (Not Live)

  1. Arena key holders will be eligible for lottery entry that earns their Saintbot referral to be used for the next ADM contest (lottery by # of keys). This is contingent on whether a sponsor bids for their referral code to be used. Winning bids are added directly to the upcoming prize pool. If no sponsor bids, a lottery for key holders will take place.

  2. Arena key holders will share a portion of our friend.tech point airdrop.

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