Winner Criteria

How do you win prizes?

Winner TitleWinner Criteria

King of the Hill #1

Highest PNL - ETH notional

King of the Hill #2

2nd highest PNL - ETH notional

Gigachad #1

Q1 all time HIGH buyer

Bottom feeder #1

Q2 all time LOW buyer

Bottom feeder #2

Q3 all time LOW buyer

Gigachad #2

Q4 all time HIGH buyer

PNL Spoofing and wallet poisoning is monitored and wallets doing so will be blacklisted from prize eligibility.

What are the rules of Arena Deathmatch?

  1. At least 0.1 ETH cumulative buy volume is required to be eligible for any prize.

  2. JEET Penalty: Jeets that sell within 10 minutes post-launch pay a 50% Jeet Penalty if they win King of the Hill prizes. The remaining 50% of the prize(s) goes to the highest ranking PnL(s) that did not Jeet within 10 minutes.

  3. The liquidity pool will remain until both of the criteria below are met:

    • Daily volume is less than 100k

    • Marketcap is less than 100k

If both of these conditions are met, the liquidity pool will be scheduled to be pulled. All communications for the liquidity pull will be posted on the official Arena channels ahead of time.

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