Arena Deathmatches

Simply put, Arena Deathmatches (ADMs) are contest tokens that awards top PNL traders prizes from trading tax revenue.
Arena provides a novel space for traders to compete on-chain, where safe and anti-rug tokens are deployed using Saintbot with liquidity that expires. These tokens act as trading battle arenas where the best walk away with prizes earned from the contribution of all participants.
Arena Deathmatch provides:
  • Contest token launches with prizes for top PNL traders.
  • LP for launched tokens for a set duration.
  • An even playing field for all traders (no insider trading).
  • Live performance tracker and leaderboard of each trading competition.
  • Anti-Rug tokens courtesy of Saintbot.
*Anti-rug means:
  • Token contracts are renounced.
  • Taxes cannot be manipulated to high values to create honeypots.
  • Blacklists that disables selling cannot occur to create honeypots.
  • LP cannot be pulled before lock period ends, see countdown timer until LP lock expires on for each contest.
What is the duration of an Arena Deathmatch?
  • Each ADM contest will last anywhere from 2 hours to 5 days. Duration of each contest will always be announced prior to launch.
  • Duration of the ADM contest and a live countdown of when the liquidity will expire will be available at
  • After the contest timer ends, trading activity will no longer be considered for prizes.
  • The liquidity pool will remain until both of the criteria below are met:
    • Daily volume is less then 100k
    • Marketcap is less then 100k
How will I know when the next ADM contest starts?
  • There will be a live countdown leading up to the next ADM contest at when the next contest time is announced.
  • The latest ADM contest contracts can be found on Saintbot's Deployment Scanner upon deployment.
  • ADM contracts will be announced on our official Twitter and Telegram. All ADM contest contracts should be verified on our official Arena socials - protect yourself from scams.
  • At the end of each ADM contest when liquidity expires, the LP will be withdrawn and broken to fund the next ADM contest's liquidity pool. Traders are recommended to exit before the LP lock expires and is withdrawn.
How can I earn without trading?
Note: this feature is not yet live - coming soon.
Before each ADM contest, a bidding system will be available for anyone to add ETH to the prize pool. The winning bid will have their Saintbot referral used to earn 0.12% of the total trading volume of the contest token for that epoch.
For now, any influencer or sponsor that's interested in us using their Saintbot referral can reach out on our Telegram chat to begin a DM conversation.